Year date issue Now().Year() displays 1905 but in the formula result 2024


I think there’s a bug with Year’s formula.
Processing: Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 08.24.24.png…

Is it possible to fix it? Please.



Hmm I can’t seem to replicate this, works fine for me

Could you share a doc with us where this happens?

Hi Rickard,

Thanks for your help.
Here’s the doc:

year(date()) does not produce a date value, which is required at the place where you use it.
What do you want as a starting date: 1-1-2024, or todays date, or…?

I’ve found the solution!
Because of the Date Format (placed in Year - YYYY) in Date settings, the formula doesn’t require the Now().Year() or Year(Now()) formula, but only the Now() formula.

You could also use today()

Yes I know, I’m using Now() because I like to track the minutes and seconds in my docs. While Now() is useful for capturing the exact time, Today() is the better choice if you only need the current date (year, month, day).