YouTube Channel Video List (JRE Example)

Here’s a list of all JRE episodes with various views on the data:

The PowerShell script used to generate the data is included in the doc.

Handy if you’d like to create a list of all the YouTube videos of a particular channel.

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This is great! I like the view by like ratio descending as a way to find highly rated episodes! Did you disable copy? This would be a cool thing to look at. I ask since you mention including a script for others to look at.


Ah, sorry about that. It should be on now.

Yup, here’s the PowerShell script used to download the info via YouTube API:


Hi @Eduardo_Cavazos,

Thanks for posting this doc and script! And that’s a great podcast as well!

I was wondering if you’ve checked out the Coda API and if you tried pulling the data directly into Coda.

I haven’t messed around with the Coda API yet, but yes, that approach is definitely worth exploring!


By this, I originally assumed you meant extending the provided PowerShell script to pull the data from YouTube via API and then write directly into Coda via API (as opposed to generating a CSV and the manually importing into a table). The script would run on my laptop.

Or… Did you you mean something more along the lines of somehow having Coda itself pull directly from YouTube API via some extensible mechanism? I.e. without relying on an external script? (I’m not yet familiar with those aspects of Coda if they exist. Any references to docs are welcome!)

Just thinking to write to Coda instead of the CSV step in between.

@BenLee is there any resource Coda has about how to setup an api from scratch? Like getting the server, a basic script, credentials, etc?

Here is the Coda API Documentation:

And here’s a getting started guide:

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