Replace zapier automation with coda automation

Hey guys I build a doc to automate YouTube channel in coda. And its work fine with zapier.
Now I want to replace my zapier automation workflow with coda automation.

here is my current workflow

[Step 1: Setting up the Trigger
In Coda, we can use a button to trigger the automation. When the button is pressed, we’ll capture the request ID as a query parameter. Let’s call the button “Trigger Automation” and the query parameter “requestID.” The button’s action will be set to “Capture Request ID.”

Step 2: Finding the Row in Coda
Next, we’ll search for a specific row in the selected Coda table using the captured request ID. In Coda, we’ll create a table to store the relevant information for each request. Let’s call this table “Requests.” We’ll search for the row where the column “Request ID” matches the captured request ID.

Step 3: Uploading YouTube Videos
After finding the row in Coda, we’ll proceed to fill in the necessary fields for uploading YouTube videos. In the “Requests” table, we’ll have columns like “Title,” “Description,” “Video,” “Tags,” and “Thumbnail.” We’ll populate these fields with the respective values provided for each request.

Step 4: Updating Rows in Coda
Once the YouTube video is uploaded and we have the video link and published time, we’ll update the relevant rows in Coda. In the “Requests” table, we’ll have columns like “Video Link” and “Published Time.” We’ll update these fields with the values obtained from the YouTube video.]

Looks like there isn’t a pack for uploading videos to YouTube directly from Coda yet. So you’d need to create a pack for it first. Other than that, I don’t see any reason, why you wouldn’t be able to achieve this with simple Coda automations.

Okay thanks @Tobias_Feistmantl. I don’t know how to code, but let’s try build this pack and learn along the way

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