Zapier Find Row in Coda

I’m coming from Make (Integromat) where iterations are super clear but Zapier is not.
Can anyone share whether the Find Row in Coda action in zapier returns a single row or all rows that match the filter?

In Zapier, the “Find Row” action in Coda returns a single row that matches the filter criteria. If multiple rows match the filter, Zapier will only return the first match it finds.

If you need to process multiple rows that match the criteria, you might need to use a different approach or tool that supports iterating through multiple results. One common workaround is to structure your workflow to loop through the results using multiple steps or leverage Zapier’s built-in looping capabilities with tools like Code by Zapier for more advanced scenarios.

I ended up making the API call directly. I wasn’t able to return any results when querying the view but I could search by sending in one parameter. The API call returns all matching results which is what I needed for the Zap.