Updating a Cell using Zapier - choosing the right row!

Hi there,
I’m currently attempting to integrate timesheet data from harvest into a coda doc via zapier.
I’ve come up against an unexpected hurdle - and I figure I must be approaching it incorrectly.

I have a database that has a bunch of tasks for a bunch of projects.
Row1 : Project 1, Task 1, Time
Row2 : Project 1, Task 2, Time
Row3 : Project 1, Task 3, Time
Row 4 : Project 2, Task 1, Time
Row 5 : Project 2, Task 2, Time
Row 6 : Project 2, Task 3, Time
(Its 26 projects, and about 17 tasks at the moment!)
Anyway. Zapier finds the new time entry, and I can see the data in it which displays the project and the task, as well as the time. Win.
However, I cannot for the life of me find a way to get zapier to address the correct row when inserting the time value it finds from harvest.
I can search for Project 1 easily enough, but then it just chooses the first task.
I can search for task 1 easily enoug, but then it just chooses project 1 all the time.

Is there a way to search for a row that has a column matching say (for example) “Project 2” AND “Task 2” inside zapier?

I came up with a workaround solution myself.
I created a hidden column with a simple concatenate formula to make one string containing both the project name and the task name. Then inside zapier, I can search for this string easily (just adding both parts to the zapier search field!)

And finally - the last little problem was just coda interpreting the “hours” of harvest to “days” in the duration. Easy fixed adding in an hrs string!

I’m pretty sure it can’t be done the way I was trying - but I’d still be interested in hearing if others have another approach!

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