200% CPU, broken filter in a document and interactive elements (e.g. checkboxes) not responding

My coda document is basically broken. I was editing a filter and now (1) anything I do on the filter does not change what is actually being filtered and (2) I get 200% CPU whenever I reload the document - I got used to reloading the document to fix glitches I would have.

No complaints, Coda’s pretty useful and I’m not paying a dime. However, to my biggest surprise, I could not find any support contact. How can I get in touch with the Coda developers ?

Welcome to the community @Sylvain_Joyeux

At support@coda.io you will get the support you need.

The (?) button in the bottom right — opens a support chat.
Easily overlooked, I know.

P.S. Try to roll back your document to a previous version. Saved me a few times when I screwed up my formulas: