Performance Problem (Urgent!)

Is anyone else experiencing this?

:rotating_light: This is a brand new issue for me, as of today.

Merely having a Coda project open in a Chrome browser tab pushes my CPU into high range without ever dropping back to a normal range. The browser tab need not be active, just open.

Number of Coda Tabs | Chrome % of CPU | Total CPU %
0 | 1-5% | 10-20%
1 | 40-50% | 60%
2 | 55-65% | 75-85%
3 | 60-70% | 85-95%

NOTE: Even test docs with only one section and a handful of conditional formatting rules and formulas cause this behavior.

For a long stretch recently I was experiencing high sustained CPU usage when a Coda tab was active, but clicking away from the tab always released the CPU back to a normal range. (This situation was bad enough, and it cleared up for reasons unknown.) Today I can’t even do that. Just having a Coda tab open pegs the CPU usage until the tab is closed.

NOTE: Chrome is up to date.
NOTE: Restarted Chrome. Issue persists.

I have hours worth of meetings today using other people’s time where we were going to be interacting with a Coda project for the during of the meetings.

I don’t know if I should allow my machine to run that hot for that long.

I don’t know if I can work in Coda at all for any significant period of time until this is cleared up.



I experienced issues today too. Whenever I created formulas, no data would be retrieved from lookups or reference.filter.

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Mine only uses 20% (50% idle) but it does act and feel like its using a lot of power - the fans spinning and things are lagging;

I’m not a dev but here are some short term suggestions:

  1. reduce CPU power
    Hit windows+X
    goto task manager
    goto services
    sort by CPU
    select the chrome(s) with the most cpu usage
    Set the CPU affinity to 1 or 2 of 4 or 8 CPU’s.
    +If you have only one processor, get a new computer

  2. reduce the complexity of the tables or formulas
    until CODA is designed for scale, reduce complex formulas and/or move data above ~500 to 1000 rows to another database

  3. It’s amazing that people like us use the APP for such mission critical needs, but appreciate the CODA is beta and free, getting a faster computer with more ram or putting up with a bit of lag while they sort it out is a very small price to pay.




Hi everyone,

This is a bug - we’re looking into it urgently. It appears related to embeds. If you have embeds in your doc(s) and are able to temporarily remove them, that should resolve the issue.

Can you share some of the formulas? Maybe they are updating too fast, or are very complex and it isn’t obvious. The formulas enabled are revolutionary in that usually you’d find them on a powerful database server and query them maybe tops once every minute, but usually less often. Now you’re able to call them in a browser session locally (I think thats where the data is driven mostly)


Hey Tim, thanks for the update.

Diagnostic feedback: I’ve confirmed this behavior on multiple docs that do not have embeds.

Hi Eric,

Are you familiar with Chrome Developer Tools? If so, can you please open the network panel and see if you’re seeing a large number of requests happening? If so, the fix for the problem will go live very soon. If not, then something else is wrong with your doc(s).

Update: We’ve released a fix to the problem. Please reload your docs and see if you are still having the problem.



CPU usage is back to normal, with six docs open.

I know this is after the fact, but only 3/6 docs have two network calls each (logging/ and settings), nothing excessive.

There are some console errors which I will PM you, in case they’re of interest.

But basically, it feels like we’re cookin’ with gas again! :fire:

Thanks team! :muscle: