Memory issue when using Coda with a browser

I’ve been using Coda for 3 weeks now, and I really like it. While I have many comments to communicate, I have a major one; that is memory management.

I use Coda with Safari, and using Coda as a Web app applies pressure on my Mac’s memory. When I do other memory-intensive tasks, it becomes an issue and I have to restart Safari from time to time.

Just imagine how two Coda docs have this significance on memory more than any other app:

I also notice that every Coda doc I open is treated like a complete dedicated instance of the app in my memory, and this is natural when opening the same Web app in two tabs. What if I want to open more docs? This is limiting me.

I recommend having a native app that handles its own docs and takes care of every thing, not via a browser. And if you built your app architecture around Web code, you can use one of the native techs that supports Web code like Electron. Just think how Visual Studio Code is so effective despite all work it does. I don’t think that Coda is more significant than it.

So please give this a high priority because it’s really a deal breaker, and I already started moving my systems from Excel to Coda.

Hi @Mostafa_AlBelliehy,

You’re correct in that each Coda tab is running the full code that’s needed to use the doc. This is what makes it possible to keep working on a Coda doc that’s open in a tab even if you lose your internet connection. You’re also correct that it does use a good bit of memory.

A native app is something we’ve talked about and it is a possibility. Coda is still a young company and we’re growing in capability very quickly. It’s more a matter of when this makes it to the top of the list and there are a few things that need to be in place before that can happen. But rest assured, this is something that’s discussed.

I’m going to move this to the Suggestion Box so it surfaces when we search for members interested in this idea.

Thank you for the detailed feedback and suggestion!


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I’m having this same issue - it slowed my machine almost to a halt this afternoon. Any suggestions on how to optimize memory would be appreciated.

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We have 3 great help articles on improving performance in Coda that might help to troubleshoot issues with docs that slow down over time as rows are added…

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Notion did a good job in that. Your app may be different in nature, but similar to it. When I compare Notion to an app like Evernote, I prefer Evernote as a fully native app. But when I want to use Notion, I prefer the app over using it via a Web browser.

You are right that Coda is still in its early years, but it’s very promising and unique.

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