Shaving browser for saving CPU power

This evening has been quite frustrating. I’m working on a doc with hundreds of rows, dozens of fields in 10 tables and a similar number of formulas. I had to use my beloved thinkpad X230, a nice old machine that has been one of my workhorses for seven years. Such machine has work seamessly with other Heavy coda docs. Think that such a laptop is still more powerful with 12 gb of RAM than most of Chromebooks, for instance.

Thing is, I made a very subtle mistake in two formulas that made my laptop calculate like a math berserker. I was also using a 4G modem. Anyways, the dreadful “Calculating…” message appeared for, say, more than two hours.

Finally I could correct the mistake (using the complete name of table.field when I tried to make a table.lookup(table.field, thisrow, instead of pointing to field without pointing to parent table). But I thought: What could I do during next “Calculating…” party?

Well, if you use a proper PC, you can install several Chromium-based browsers. You can use coda on a browser with few extensions installed and it would work fine. But what about a chromebook?

Then I realized than Incognito mode doesn’t load extensions unless you specify the contrary. I tried the same coda doc on incognito mode… and CPU load was decreased from 18.7% on my desktop to 3.1%.


TL/DR: if you have heavy docs than are making your pc choke, try incognito mode