66 Day Challenge Habit Tracker by Robin Sharma not working well

Been using 66 Day Challenge Habit Tracker by Robin Sharma template by @Al_Chen_Coda

I was religiously using 5am club template for making up my habits but after 30 days or so of marking done, my habits do not resurface automatically in habits column every other day.
I have to manually change the date of each habit and then that habit shows up in habit Column.

I’m attaching the screenshot here. The habit master list shows it from the previous day but my current habit list isn’t updated automatically as it should. Also, I have checked out settings and time zone and everything is perfect from my side. Just this glitch in the template is what bothering me.

Is there any way to fix this issue as this template is very effective and convenient for me to make my habits stick. Please help?

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Hi @Batool_Motiwala, thanks for using this template. The view on the Habits page automatically filters out the habits that you’ve completed that day (after you hit the Done button for that habit). If you remove the filter on that view, it will show all your completed and incomplete habits for the day. Hope this helps!

Thanks for replying.
The problem isn’t about the filter here. It’s that when 24 hours are completed, the habits should come up again but neither does my habits resurfaces nor does the done icon activate. I have to manually go to master list to change the date and mark habits as done. I hope you get it?

That’s strange, there is a formula on the Done button gets deactivated if the Last Date Complete button is equal to today. So the following day, the button should be activated again and that habit should show up on the main habits list again. Can you share the doc you’re using with support so we can see what’s going on?

Here’s the link. Please check

Hi @Batool_Motiwala, everything looks correct on my end. If you change the date on theLast Day Complete column to a date before today, does that row show up on the main “Habits” page? If it doesn’t, please write into support@coda.io since this may be a bug.

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Yes, the habits shows up when the date is changed to previous day but that’s what I have been doing. I have to change the date manually every other day and this habit check-in task become a hassle for me. I have also tried to delete the existing doc and start with a fresh doc but the same problem persist on my end.

You shouldn’t have to change them manually. Once the next day arrives, that habit will show up on the main “Habits” page since that’s how the filter is set up. For instance, if you hit Done today (October 10th), that row will disappear from the Habits page. Tomorrow (October 11th), that row will show up again on the Habits page. If it’s not showing up, then there must be a bug.

My doc worked all good just like you said. Habits appeared next day automatically after hitting done. But as I said, my doc didn’t show up habits the next day after 30th day or so, date wouldn’t change up on its own and that’s why I had to do it manually.
I’m grateful to you for responding to my query and comment and I am hopeful for this doc to work out smoothly as it did before. I have followed your YouTube video tutorial too and I’m sure I’m using this doc just like you’ve explained. The problem is simply that the date doesn’t change, habits doesn’t show up next day and doc isn’t working automatically.

Very strange. I’m not sure if this might be the reason, but I noticed that the formula on the Checkbox column looks like this:

The last part of the formula should just be Days=True(). I fixed this in the main template but see if fixing that unchecks the boxes in that column.

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Ok I’ll restart my habits and see if the issue is solved. I will update you in a day or two. Thanks

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