A button that choose all values

Hello there! Again!

I write to you guys again after trying to do it by my self, asking Coda´s AI and even chatGPT + looking in some tutorials for Coda but still I haven’t managed to make it work.
I have a table where I made a column of buttons that its function is to fill up all the values in the Select column that i have just next to it.
I use the Runactions formula with ModifyRow but the output I got that out of my 6 values, I only got either the first or the last value.
My objective is to make the button choose all 6 values in the select column

Hi @Asaf_Chip

I modified your doc by adding an extra table called DB Chimp so that the button now can fill all those options when pressed.

Let me know if that is what you are trying to achieve.

Hey there @Cristian_Nichifor
Well yes. Honestly in the sample doc i gave it was a select column but in the main doc its a relation column so actually half of the work was already made.
I´m still not so sure why i had such a hard time in getting that result it sure is thanks to you that i got it.
So thank you very much!
Solved :slight_smile:

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