A Public Roadmap

I would second this and this helps the community to understand in a much better to engage with Coda. A Public Roadmap that conveys to the community on the list of features available as of now and planned list of features for the product.

i would love to see the following in the roadmap

  • Implemented Features
    • feature 1 – Month/Year
    • feature 2 – Month/Year
  • Upcoming Features
    • feature 1 – Month/Year
    • feature 2 – Month/Year
  • Exploring Features in the near futures
    • feature 1
    • feature 2

I second this request. You could even use one of your own Coda templates for roadmaps :smiley:

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It would be so great to know what’s upcoming, or at least what’s the coda team working on, your section of product updates it’s great to know the past, after using ClickUp for a while I got used to adding my feedback to their feedback.clickup.com site, they use canny.io, the experience it’s truly responsive.

In my case I would find it helpful to plan ahead.

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I agree Clickup, and a few other apps like Middleware Integromat, make good use of Canny. I think Discourse is a superior app over Canny, but the ranking of features should be better implemented. I think the Coda team could easily carve out the “Suggestion Box” area to rank by “likes,” or just explicitly state that if you want to upvote features, to do just that!

And agreed, why not use Coda itself like in the Webinar, even better solution and showing Coda at its best no less!