Ability to disable "[name] has shared a Coda doc with you." email?

When sharing a doc with someone, an email is automatically sent letting them know “[name] has shared a Coda doc with you.”

I’m wanting to:

  1. Send a personalized email to introduce them to my doc
  2. Have each new user to be brought to the published doc, not the edit doc view.

There is no setting at this time to disable this email, or alter which view (edit doc view or published view), is there?

Dear @Ian_Atwater,

Have you considered to share the link to the doc from your personalized email?

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets , thanks for reaching out!

Yes I have considered it, and I am sending a second email with the published doc link. However, they will still receive the auto email which brings them to the edit doc view. For my use case, this causes confusion and I was just hoping there was a way to turn off the auto email when sharing a doc.

Thanks for your willingness to help Jean! I feel bad tagging a Codan, hoping it’s not too rude. @Sam_Parsons, Would you have any insight into my opening question?

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Hey @Ian_Atwater,

Not a Codan but the answer is this: you can share the doc silently with a person only through API (Zapier custom request etc). There’s a suppressEmail parameter in the Add Permission request:

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Hi @Ian_Atwater , I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’ve just been using the GMail pack to email a page which has a lot of inline formulas and filtered tables (based on a control value, in your case this would be to select the new user, or maybe just their email address).

So I’d start with a template page that has the content you want to send and use inline formula’s to customise things like the user’s name and any other info specific to them. The only issue is that you don’t have much control over the styling of the email - that’s why my next adventure will be looking into custom html and css.

@Paul_Danyliuk :point_up_2: has a great reference doc on this here.
@BenLee also has a great one here.

Hopefully that helps a bit!

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Awesome, thank you for the suggestions y’all!

This has been updated as an option in Coda for a while now. You will see the option after you enter at least one email address to share with and click to another field or hit enter or tab…

Screen Recording 2021-07-13 at 05.05.36 PM


Yes! @BenLee, I could have sworn that wasn’t available when I posted. Totally possible I overlooked it :sweat_smile: but this is exactly what I needed.

Thank you!