How to let non-logged in users email a doc?

Would like to hear from the community on how to make this happen! I have a public-facing doc shared to my customers via an iframe on my website. The doc is a tool, where they can adjust inputs and receive a solution in real time. This doc is in “play” mode, so let’s call it the play doc. Next step is to allow them to email this solution to themselves from within the play doc. Can you help give me a workflow to make this happen?

I have tried:

  • Gmail pack in the play doc. But this doesn’t work if the user isn’t signed into Coda.
  • Sending all tool results and user email to a back-end doc that has automation to send the email. However, I’m stumped on how to “print” the tool outputs to that back-end doc from the play doc.

Thank you thank you.

hi @Benjamin_Lindley , did you have a look at this contribution:

🍕 Viva Pizza: Making a secure storefront (pizza delivery) on Coda ?

I guess it demonstrates what you need, cheers, Christiaan


Thanks for the share, @Christiaan_Huizer . That was the inspiration I needed.

For the benefit of anyone else interested, you can hide form fields and fill them with inline or table values using the form’s URL. To do this, share the form in your front end doc using the formula Embed(), rather than the no code embed option. Then you can append changing values to your heart’s desire.

Here’s the link to the Coda article: