Ability to organise sections differently for mobile vs desktop

I’ve noticed that I frequently want the “top four” sections displayed in the bar at the bottom of the mobile screen to be a different selection of sections from the section list presented to desktop users. That’s often because I prefer to give mobile users simpler (generally swipeable) views, and desktop users more complex (often grouped) views.

The underlying issue may be that the mobile app hasn’t quite yet nailed how to present and allow users to interact with grouped table rows, but the simplest solution I can think of is to allow us to organise sections differently for mobile vs. desktop, or maybe even tag sections as “mobile only” or “desktop only”.


Hi @Tim_Sherman,

I think you make a good point.

For the time being, we could create a section to be used when using the application on a mobile device.
In this section to have a view with “top four”.

Obviously the bigger challenge is communicate this to the users

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You can choose the “Shortcuts” for mobile. They do still show on desktop, but more like a folder that can be collapsed…

Check out the “Customize my shortcuts” button…

Then just click the Star next to the ones you want to see on mobile…

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Hi @benblee,

Thanks sharing your experience :bulb:, I didn’t realize this option available

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Thanks Ben! I figured that option would only apply for my own instance of the mobile app - i.e. other users in the doc would not be affected by my customisation of the shortcuts and would need to customise their own. Is that right?

Our goal is to make some of our docs available to more “casual” users, and we’d like to be able to pre-configure what they see when they open the doc on mobile, without them needing to make the change for themselves.

I just tried it out to see and you’re right, it’s only for your personal view. It would be nice to have it set up already, but maybe some simple instructions on how to set the shortcuts would work too. You can set them from the desktop view as well.

I know it’s not the fix you’re looking for, but might work at the moment.

Yes, we can certainly make do for now - the ability to embed gifs is a godsend for ‘how to’ content!