Accessing Coda User by the pack?

We’d like to have a functioning modified_by column for our sync tables. Currently, if you add a modified by column through Coda, it always just says “Automation Bot”

To achieve this, it would be really helpful if the pack could access the Coda user or email from the doc when editing a row so we can track who made the change.

@Eric_Koleda from what I can see, this info isn’t actually sent to the pack? How do you recommend we get that? I was thinking using the User formula in a table parameter, but that feels clunky.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Josh_Shupack - I think this is all working an intended. With a two-way sync table the user doesn’t edit the table directly, but instead queues up edits which are sent to the server, and the updates rows are synced back in. If you use per-user authentication and private accounts for edits, then each user will have to connect their own account to make the edits, and their authorization information will be send to the server. The server can then record which user made the last edit, and return that in the syncs.

We are trying to do authentication at the pack level. I tried passing in User().email as a parameter to the table, but like you said the user making the change is the automation bot.

Is there a way we can require an email address for authentication and use that? The pack doesn’t have access to the auth credentials, but the server would, right? We are using HeaderBearerToken for authentication.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, unfortunately an “email only” form of authentication doesn’t exist today. I think the closest you could get is to use a Coda API token, and then in your backend make a request with that token to determine who the owner is, and use that as the last modifier. You’d then have to hard-code the actual auth information in your Pack code, and pass it in some other header. It’s a bit complicated, and I don’t think I’d advise going that route.