How I add a custom button column within addSyncTable

I am currently developing a custom pack in Coda. At the moment, the addSyncTable function can fetch data for ‘Email groups’ and ‘emails belonging to this group’ and display them in the same rows. I would like to add an additional column that allows users to edit the existing ‘emails belonging to this group’ and send the updated list back to the API when the user clicks it. Is it possible to accomplish this within a single addSyncTable ?

Hi @Chen_Wu ! Thanks for reaching out about this as you’re building your Pack. I have moved your post to the Making Packs section of our Community so you can get some insight from other Pack Makers.

Hi @Chen_Wu - Welcome to the Coda community! Sync table definitions can’t include button columns unfortunately. The Pack can provide an action formula (button) and users can add it to the sync table manually, but it can’t be bundled into the table from the start.

If your end goal is to have users edit the information in a sync table, a better approach may be to add support for two-way sync:

This is a new feature we just launch, and it’s available to all Pack makers.

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