Questions regarding Coda Pack SDK & Sync Tables

Hi there :wave:,

I am loving the sync-tables as they really add a new dimenstion to packs. As of now I have coded many of them and I can say that they make the job very easy. But I have several questions regarding the sync-tables and if someone can answer those, then it would be great:

  1. As schema is the thing that controls how the data returned from the formula of sync-table definition will be handled/presented in the UI. If I want to add a pre-determined sort to the sync-table (sort according to the time column), then how can I do this through the Coda Pack SDK? I know we can use the SORT functionality after the table is formulated in the UI, but I would like to automate this thing right after getting the data and before presenting it into the UI

  2. The columns that are defined for the sync-table schema can’t be modified in the UI because their values are righly populated from the execute function itself. But, is there any property with which we can remove that functionality? Like, a parameter that will allows the users to change the value? Even if I just define a column in the schema and don’t populate it through the execute function result, then also it tells that the value can’t be modified. I guess that this should be allowed!

  3. As now Coda provides tons of cool AI features that we can use on a table column & many other places. So, isn’t there any way to append a bit of AI to a column in the sync-table schema itself? For eg: If I have email content as one of my column in the table, then in the another column named Summary I could have enabled an AI variable TRUE and then could have passed the AI prompt so that whenever the data is populated, the AI will automatically be effective for the data. I know, that in a coda document, the AI propmt allows to reference all of the elements, but in the AI functionaltiy for the sync-table we could have given the option to reference the same sync-table column values. Is that available as of now?

  4. How to refersh a sync-table through Coda Pack SDK? Can you provide a code snippet of Coda SDK that provides the same?

  5. In a sync-table, as we can add more columns after the table is loaded in the UI. So, is there nay way to explicitly make a column value empty? I am talking about the columns that I added (and not a part of the sync-table schema).

Will wait for a response.

Another things that I need help with:

In the advance sections for buttons (action formulas), there is an option of Show Alert and I have set it to Every Time

I am returning a string from the execute funtion of the formula but after successfully executong the function, the UI shows 1 external action performed. I actually want to show the string that I have returned from the execute function. How can I do that?

It works for the error (when I am throwing UI errors from the CODA SDK), but for the successfull execution, how should I tweak the code for that, so that the user can see the output? I have configured the RESULTS COLUMN for the button, and that is working fine. But isn’t there any way to get an UI Alert for the response!

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