Accessing your organisations repo's with GitHub pack

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the GitHub pack to bring in all of our pull requests, but it’s only letting me access personal repos. The account I’m using is the owner of the organisation on GitHub so I don’t know what I’m missing…

Can this just not be done using the GitHub pack?

Thanks in advance!

Did you find a solution to this?

This looks like a very good pack but is pretty much useless to us without being able to access our organisation 's repos

For anyone else with the same issue, the answer is in the settings for the API access in GitHub, you just need to grant Coda access to your organisation

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Hi Ben,

I tried granting third party access in the GitHub organisation settings and I ended up having to remove all restrictions to all third party apps to get it to work. Obviously that’s not ideal, those restrictions are there for a good reason.

Sounds like you haven’t had to do that? Are the API settings in a different place?

Hi Sam,

No I didn’t have to do that, I found the permissions for Coda on the Authorized OAuth Apps tab on the settings page for applications…

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