Privacy and packs, especially github and slack

I was planning to add the github and slack packs to my doc, but I got a little bit unsure of how it works. When I add the pack with me as the user, will everyone else also be able to pull all the information that my user has access to, or how does that work? Using the GitHub functions, will the other be able to pull in my private repos?

Same goes for slack. If I sign in with my account, do I have the select “Nobody” in the first step so the others doesn’t have access to my private data?

If that is the case it seems like adding dedicated users for these kind of stuff make sense, or am I missing something?


Hi Tomas,

When you grant view permissions using your account credentials, people will have access to see information in any repo you have access to. If you’re worried about this, we recommend that you create a sharable GitHub account that has only has access to the repos you are okay with other folks seeing.

On the Slack side, if you select “nobody” for the question “Who can view data from this Slack account”, nobody will be able to view data (including you). However, you will still be able to take Slack actions like posting a message from a button in your doc. In addition you can configure the button so that in order to use it, people have to use their own Slack account.

Let me know if you have more questions. This is a great one!


Thanks for a great answer. So I think it makes sense for us to use a dedicated github organization user for this.

For slack, if I want to be able to view data from slack I guess it makes sense to add a dedicated slack account for that as well. If not I guess everyone would have access to my private channels, right?

I would recommend that approach as well if you want to pull sharable Slack data into your doc.