More Granular Slack Pack Authorization

I’d like to make a suggestion regarding slack pack authorization. Coda has been great for improving our team’s collaboration, but one thing we’ve noticed about the Slack pack that concerns us is that you always have to allow view access to slack when you want people to be able to use a shared account (though even with private accounts, the actual permissions you give Coda on Slack still allow view permission, and views are only prevented within Coda rather than through Slack itself).

This is problematic for us because we’d like to only use Coda to post to our Slack channels, so requiring view access is over-permissioning Coda. Are there any plans to make authorization on the Slack pack more granular? Particularly at the level of the actual Slack app, so that Coda doesn’t have read permissions if it doesn’t need them. I imagine this is likely an issue in other packs as well, though I haven’t had a chance to use them yet.

As a side note, it would be nice to have the option of Coda Slack app that can post directly to Slack itself, rather than needing a user. It’s cumbersome to need to create a new Slack user just so that Coda can post notifications, which is something that a typical Slack app can do without needing a user (and without needing view permissions).

Thanks, keep up the good work on Coda!