Github Enterprise Connection

Hello Coda community!

Just discovered this wonderful tool yesterday, and I’m looking for ways to integrate it into both personal and work (or, in this case, school) life.

My university uses an enterprise GitHub site for all of its engineering courses requiring software development. I would like to use Coda to keep track of issues and pull requests from a project management perspective, but I can’t seem to find a way to connect Coda to anything other than my personal ( account. Is a GitHub enterprise connection possible?

I am confident that, if the issue lies on the university’s end of the system, I can contact the IT department and get something authorized, since Coda is a much-needed tool for both my classes and many others in my degree program.

Thanks for your help!

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Welcome to the community @Neill_Robson :handshake:

Pinging @oleg , the Codan that might advice you

Hey @Neill_Robson, welcome, and glad to hear you’re excited to use Coda! Thanks for the ping, @Jean_Pierre_Traets.

I’m personally not familiar with GitHub Enterprise, but I can try to help. When you log in with your personal account and go to, do you see the university’s organization there and have an option to grant Coda access to it? Or you do have a separate, non- account that you use?

Feel free to also reach out to us via in-doc support if you’d rather not post the details of your university’s setup here publicly, and we can follow up with a summary of any resolution here after.

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Our university uses a separate domain name for its GitHub instance, but we do have a /settings/applications page where we can view both “Installed GitHub Apps,” “Authorized GitHub Apps,” and “Authorized OAuth Apps.”

I do notice that, in Coda, whenever I try to add a GitHub account or sync to GitHub, my browser seems to automatically redirect to my personal GitHub account ( domain), so there is a small chance that I could use a different browser (or private browser window) to “catch” the process before the automatic login and redirect to the enterprise GitHub instance. My intuition says that the solution isn’t that simple, though, since Coda probably doesn’t expect to consistently connect to a non-standard domain for a given web app.

As I continue experimenting, I will definitely reach out via in-doc support if any progress is made! At the moment, I don’t think that my team and I have enough time to work extensively on making this integration happen, but if and when the opportunity arises I am eager to get us on board.

Thanks for your help!

I see - in this case, most likely on our end we would need to be hitting a different endpoint as well. As your intuition suggests, logging into the enterprise instance is just one part of establishing the integration. The change might actually be fairly easy (perhaps all we need to do is let you change the domain from to something else) but it’s something we’d need to work on with you or someone else to implement since we don’t have access to a GitHub Enterprise setup ourselves.

If anyone else in the community is interested, please vote or reply to this thread to help us prioritize support for this.