Actions Tasks - Parent<>Child Task List and Goal Setter

I like to embed tasks within tasks, and I’m also a procrastinator… I put this together to solve both things.

It’s not ‘done’, per se, because I’m never going to finish it since I’ll continue adding more to it. But I wanted to share what I have so far hoping it might help others figure out how to do certain things with the chaining system.

You can keep track of how much time you invest into tasks, schedule tasks within a calendar, create time-stamps for calendar tasks…

It even has support for multiple users with the potential of using it for project management.


Action Tasks Template


Unfortunately, I can’t actually see your formulas to figure out what you did. I guess you can only get “view only” on the Doc?

Specifically, what I’m trying to figure out is how you pass the value of the Parent Task name down to the Child Task and keep a bi-directional lookup / relation between the two

Hi Matthew. When you open it in View Only it should give you the option to save a copy to your own Coda. After you save it to your own it will allow you to edit it and see all of the formulas.