Help getting "time spent this week" into my time tracker

Wondering if someone can help me figure out how to view “time spent this week” from my time tracker.
I am using the coda time tracker template, with quite a few additions for my needs.
But the core functionality of the template remains the same.

I have several projects that I track time for, and I have setup a view that shows total time spent on specific projects.
I would love to be able to view time spent this week on specific projects, along with time spent this week across all projects.
I have created a calendar view, but ideally I can see my total time spent this week in the card view with “total time spent” (this is where I have time spent on X project along with total time spent).

Looked into Excel formulas for “this week” but not sure how to translate that into Coda.

Thanks for anyone who can lend a hand!

Hey @Demetrius_Bolduc hey you can use WeekNumber() formula on the task date to get the number, and then have a way to view tasks with the matching week number.

Another way to handle it is to use something like [Date]>Today()-7 as a filter to show tasks in the last week. I hope this gets you on track - if you need more help an example doc shared in this thread would be best.

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Here is a doc link with an example of my timesheet.
After tinkering with it, I think the best way is yout 2nd suggestion using today-7, as I’m not sure how to associate a “week number” with this week number.
However I cannot seem to figure out how to implement that. If you could lend a hand I would be forever grateful

Can you provide some details as to what you’re trying to do here? I don’t understand.

I actually figured this out using the date>today filter; there is a coda provided filter for “past 7 days”.
Thanks for your help!