Add a Filter to a PreFiltered Linked relation Column

I have a “Project” table and a “To Do” table. The “To Do” table has a column that is a Relation to the “Project” table (Allow multiple is off). The “Project” table has a Link relation to the “To Do” table using the Relation column in the “To Do” table. (Allow multiple is on). The following filter formula is used in this column.

[To Dos].Filter(Project.Contains(thisRow))

This correctly shows only the To Do items that are related to the Project when viewed in the Project.

However. When I try to add a filter bar, to the Layout of the Project so I can filter by To Do Status, or Assigned Person, etc. These do not work. It appears that I can only add the one filter (listed above) and now I can do no other filtering.

Is there a way I can do this?

Hey there, @Joseph_Little! How’s it going? :smile:

Guess what? You actually don’t have to rely on that formula to create the relation column. I’ve got a super clever handy dandy trick up my sleeve that will make it a piece of cake for you. When you’re selecting the table relation for a particular column, there’s this awesome handy feature that comes into play. It’s like magic! To make things even easier, I’ve included a screenshot for you to check out. It’ll give you a visual idea of how to do it effortlessly.

Screenshot from 2023-06-23 08-41-17

But wait, there’s more! I’ve gone the extra mile and created a nifty little demo to show you exactly how to establish those relations and apply filters like a pro. It’s a quick and easy way to master this technique.

Hope this helps you out! :star2:

Hi @Joseph_Little and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m not a Filter Bar expert but I think you might be able to get your expected result if you add the related columns to the todo’s sitting in your [To Dos] linked relation field in your Project Table ( not sure if that’s really clear :sweat_smile: ).

This can be easily done through the add related columns you’ll find in the menu of your [To Dos] linked relation field (in the table Project)

I think that the Filter Bar is kind of a “WYSIWYG” feature so if it can’t find the “To Do Status” field (for example) in the table Project, it won’t be able to use it :innocent: .
So, each “To Do” property (Status, Assignee, etc…) you want to use to filter your Project table with a filter bar might need to be added to the Project table (those fields can be hidden though).

Here’s a sample to illustrate…

If this doesn’t help or work as expected (:sweat_smile: ), could you add some more context to what you’re trying to accomplish :blush:
(As there are others ways to filter a table, maybe something else would work better but that would depend on your exact use case)

@Mahmoud: Just wanted to let you know (:innocent:) that the formula…

… is the formula that Coda automatically adds to a Linked Relation field when you create one from the menu of a Relation field :blush: .
It powers up, under the hood, the editable “2 way sync” between the relation field and its linked relation counterpart.

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