How to filter a relation field?

I have one table “remèdes” with “name remède” and “category remède” witch allow me to filter the table.
I have other table “conseils” with “date conseil” and “linked remède”.
“linked remède” is relation with table “remède” and can accept multiple value.
But I don’t want to have all value visible in “linked remède”, I’d like to filter with “category remède”.
I create a view of “remèdes” where I filter the table. But I don’t find this view in relations when I create “linked remède”.
Can you help me ?

Hi @Serge_Jesuha,

It’s much easier for me and others to help you if you share your doc with us. We can take a look into the formulas and everyone can make a copy of the document so we don’t get in the way of each other.

Please follow this guide to share your doc with us:



I’m ok with that, but in my doc I have a table “patients” and “rdv” with personal information of people.
How can I do to unable this tables ?

Hi !
I finaly find solution ! I forgot to put the “cat” column in the table I wanted to filter. Now it works
Have a good day !

Okay, great!


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