Filtering the dropdown list

I have three tables. The first lists Objects I’m calling families, The second links these objects together in a one to many relationship (The one column is called the “Parent” column and the many column is called the “Nested” column) , and a third that once again will link them together but at a one to one level. The issue I’m having is in the third table where I have the parent and the linked columns. I want the linked column to only show the items in a drop down list format that correspond to the “Nested” column in the second table. I hope this is clear.

hi @Kent_Watson1 you should apply a filter in the relation via options. this logic makes it possible to see only relevant information. When set up properly you do this with chaining. Remember that the ‘inside of a filter’ should output true or false.

You may find some inspiration in my blog on a comparable matter. This is maybe not the easiest of things to do, but very well possible.

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks Christiaan, I’ll have to look into your blogpost in more detail. I think the issue I’m having is I’m trying to return values from table 2 that are not in a display column, so I only ever get the display column values from table 2 or all the values from table 1.

hi @Kent_Watson1 , first make sure you work with relations (and no select lists) to relate your tables, once that is doen you can chain values. Cheers, Christiaan

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer thanks for your help. I have it working by adding some of the related columns to other tables so I could reference/filter in that direction, but I just can’t seem to gain access to the relational values that are not the display columns if that makes sense. Everything in the image is a relation to a table, there is nothing that uses a selection list.

hi @Kent_Watson1 , when you add a dot after the name of the display column you can chain relations
that is explained in my blog. I hope you figure it out, cheers, christiaan

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