Multiple tables connected, unable to create a filtered dropdown list


I am struggling to find a solution how to create a drop-down list where only certain elements are visible based on a filter. It is hard to explain so I created a dummy where you can see.

My goal is to have a drop-down list in the last table called “Planned expenses” but only with the expenses connected to Activity #1 not all. Somehow I am unable to create a working filter.

hi @Tamas_Mahner ,

it is maybe less evident than you expected, however it is possible. have a look at my screenshot. two steps are important:

  1. turn the column into a relation (former lookup)
  2. next, go to the options and look for custom filter

more back ground info om comparable questions you find in the blog below.

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks a lot for the answer!

I think it was too late and I asked the question wrongly. What I would like to do is that when Activity # is Activity 1 then only the Expenses connected to Activity one appears in planned expenses (A1_Travel, etc.) When it is Activity 2 only Activity 2 expenses are in the dropdown (A2_Travel, etc.)

For some reason when I create filter or lookup it gives back nothing. :frowning:

I think I managed. Even though I am not sure I understand what’s happening.

I don’t understand what Column4 is doing. :slight_smile:

yes, I had to leave :wink:
the thing is that your table set up is confusing (naming etc), but via chaining you can find the right value to link to. I prefer Contains(), but = will work as well.

you solved your own puzzle, enjoy your Sunday, cheers, Christiaan

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Thank you very much! I think I understand now, the real table (not the dummy) is not that confusing I think… :slight_smile:
I enjoy a lot finally having some time to upgrade my Coda tables. :slight_smile:

Here is the final result: Everything evolves, the evolution of documents - Coda


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Thank you again for the advise. I think I know understand what you meant by data set.

Here is the final result where I am now.

The core problem is that I cannot believe that I really need the on the Mobility Plan page the “Activity Type” table (see at the very end) with only 1 column. But now it seems the chaining working and clear and I understand what is what. Interesting that a table is needed only with one 1 column to build a whole complex structure.

Thanks again!

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