Filter relation for multiple tables at once

Hi Coda community!
I think I might run in circles with this issue.

there is table “Schools”. It contains Names, Adresses, other data
there is table “timetables”. It contains many rows with timetabledata (columns like School, time, subject, number of pupils). The column School is connected with table “Schools” and pulls the data from there.
so basically you make an entry in the schools-table first where you specify all the school’s details and then choose the name of the school in the table “timetables”.
I have several other tables with information connected to schools like contacts.

Now I need one page where I want to choose one school and it needs to show all of the connected content.
I need this for planning of school events.
here my struggle begins. I managed to make a relation based on one column in “timetable” and activate a filter : thisRow.columnschool.Matches([relation 1])
Relation1 is based on the table Schools.
now I am able to choose a school in the relationtab and it shows all of the connected view of timetable.
I tried the same filter with the specififations adapted for this table but it did show nothing when activated.
I do not want to have one relation for every table, I want to choose one time and then see all the different tables which are connected to this school.

how can I fix this? I would be very glad for any support.

I am not able to do the same for the table “schools” itself

Hello @Iris_Haschek ,

What you want to do can be done in a couple of different ways. You can embed the tables in the modal of your school and filter based school you are viewing, but that is a bit advanced if you are new to Coda.

The easy way is using a (singel) select on the canvas in which you select a school and then filter all tables based in this single select. The key thing is that the you filter colums with the same type of date (if one is text and another one is an object, they will not match.

The best thing to do is make a dummy doc with data resembling your real doc (you don’t need hundreds of rows - 5 tot 10 representative rows per table is fine), share it with the community and someone can show in your doc how it is done - so you can recreate it yourself in your working doc.