Add a link in an expanded cell doesn't seem to work :/

I was trying to add a Hyperlink in Text column in the expanded cell but the menu disappear when I try to add some text to display… I’ve tried using the button in the menu and shortcut Cmd + k .
Strangely enough, it works once I get out of the expanded cell and use Cmd + k.


Can you type some text, then highlight the text and choose link?

This still looks like it might be a bug, but wanting to make sure you can add the links you need to.

I just checked and yes, this still works :wink: as it does outside the expanded cell :slight_smile:.

It’s really just when I try to add the link first and then add some text to display that it doesn’t work anymore :confused:. (strictly in the expanded cell)
I also just try to add some text to display without adding a link in the context menu, but as soon as click on the menu, it disappear :confused:.

It’s not an incapacitating bug, as they are still other ways to add a link :wink: , but I find this strange as I didn’t run into this just a few days ago.

Thanks for your quick reply :grin:

F.Y.I. @Pch , @BenLee

Thanks to @nathan :handshake:

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