Add a lookup column filter to only 1 view of a table

Hi all.
I was wondering if it is possible to add a lookup column filter to just 1 view of a table.

The table is in 2 places:
DATA tab and a personal tab where I want the specific person that works with it to only see options relevant to them. I can do this by adding a filter to the lookup column BUT it will add this filter in the original table as well.

Hi Remco

Could you share how you applied the filter? It can be done in multiple ways. Best would be to share a copy of the document.

Regards piet

Hi Piet,

I would have to make a test document but I am unsure how to do that xD

Here is a screenshot where I would apply the filter:

This is a view of the actual table but if I insert a filter there the filter also gets applied in other views of the table and the table itself.

If I add a normal filter it just filters the rows of the table not the options in the lookup selection list.

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Iā€™m running into the same situation often. I have a large table with multiple teams creating views to focus. When each team selects column values for their specific view, they have to select from the entire list of values across teams.

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