Add ability to copy text from summarize box

I love the Summarize field, and the values I get there are very useful. However, I don’t see a way to copy these numbers to the Clipboard as I can with other Coda fields. There is no way to select the text (selecting it just produces the drop down).


Please add some ability to copy the numbers in the Summarize field to the clipboard.


You can access/reference that information using the Filter() formula, if you want I could show you

Please can you show me how? I want to show the summarize figures on a dashboard but can’t see anyway to link to them, I don’t want a static copy but to show the same summary data that is updated by the summarize.

Dear @Martin_Martin,

I recommend to share a dummy doc to make it for the available community members more easily to give you the support meeting your usecase. :handshake:

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