Add "Accordion" as a new table display option

We have a lot of tables with dense rich text content in them, things like documenting various SOPs and job descriptions. There’s too much rich text in the table columns to use a table view, and there’s too many columns to effectively use the Detail view. An accordion view would be a great solution for this.


@Chris_Strom thanks for the suggestion - do you want to see “accordian” per record - so you can expand/collapse part of data from a single record?

Yup! Basically, collapsing/expanding individual records just like you can do for groups.


+1 for this it would enable a doc to hold a lot of information yet remain very clean and usable.

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Agree: very good suggestion! :+1:

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Maybe a bit off-topic, but a nice feature would be in the orthogonal way: columns collapsing.

Basically allowing to hide/unhide columns according to user defined groups (tags?).
It would make easier to switch from basic-user/editing/debugging set of columns.



Spreadsheets have the concept of “Filter Views” that allow the user to save and name different filter states and then call them from a dropdown menu.

Coda’s concept of Views is fantastic. I use it heavily. But I often (every session? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) want to see the table that’s right in front of me in a different “view state” without having to navigate elsewhere. The user must currently create every single one of those view states anyway, but must navigate to an entirely separate table object (View) to do it. All that manual navigation is TIRESOME (especially when rendering issues are factored in). I wish I could just configure various view states on ONE table, save/name them into a list, and then call them from a drop down, all without being forced to navigate elsewhere.

Parameters I would like to be able to save into such view states:


  • show/hide
  • position
  • width


  • filters
  • sorts
  • groups


  • display type
  • show/hide title
  • show/hide column headers
  • show/hide gridlines


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