Add design option to subpage list


I would love to be able to have a list of subpages in the root page of a doc.
We try to use Coda as our wiki, and this creates a list of subpages.

I would love a possibility to list it up as shown in the picture, and also if possibly a possibility to sort A-Z .

We can add the link for now manualy, but it becomes a bit of a hassle to keep track of manually

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Hi Stian,

Could you maybe expand on your requirement?

If you create a sub-page from the root page, Coda already creates a link to the sub-page on that page.

If you go to Page Options, and enable sub-pages, you will get the entry in the small red oval. The link in the big red oval is automatically created when a subpage is created. You just need to change the way that it is displayed to Card.


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Hi Piet and thank you for the response.

We have the subpages option enabled, and have a card view. But what we would really want is only the list view of subpages (se picture). I was aware of the option to get it directly to the list if I create a sub-page from the root page, but it requires you to do it this way. In my opinion the list view should have added the subpage automatically independent on how you add the sub-page. Also I would like the list view to sort the sub-pages alphabetically.

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Hi Stian?

I don’t quite understand your need.

Do you want subpages to show on the root table, regardless of where they were created?


Right now, if we enable sub-pages in Page Options, we have the following options:

  • Small Card
  • Medium Card
  • Large Card

I think Stian is asking for a fourth option?

  • List

In other words, instead of cards, we could choose to have the sub-pages displayed more like an outline instead.

Hi Andre

This is correct :blush: