Docs listed across top of Template?

Instead of having the Docs listed on the left, is there a way to have them listed across the top of a Template?

Sorry I could not find in docs or videos how to do this…


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hi @Craig_Clermont ,


well sub pages appear on top of each page and you can define their look & feel a bit, but the main menu structure left you cannot put on top or right or down for the moment. At least not that I am aware of.

Best, Christiaan

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Thanks Christian.

Looks like this Template has it though…

this you talk about I guess?

it is something else, have a look overhere and toggle it on:

Hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan

and to be complete, page options via settings:

Hey thanks again for the two replies!!

That template is not shareable, so I can’t experiment with it.

Once I can is the Sales Template and that one, even with Outline is set to On, still only shows:

If this is what you’re looking for :point_down:, those are the subpages of a published doc I think, not just a shared doc :blush:.

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Yes, to look like that -thanks!

Just don’t see how to create that type of menu…

By publishing your doc :blush: .

You can’t create this display for the subpages, it’s just how Coda renders the list of subpages when you publish a doc.

Thanks - and thanks to my Dutch friend too!!

Here are the specifics in Publishing for achieving the effect I want:

You’re welcome :blush: !

And I stand corrected :yum: : It is apparently possible to customize the display of subpages in a published doc :blush: (Today, I learn…).

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