Make doc into template - no option?

Your documentation states that we can “hover over doc title and click the ellipses” to choose “Make doc into a template” but I cannot see this option anywhere…?

Are you the doc owner of the specific doc?

Yes, I am the owner of the doc.

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Hi Dana!

You should be able to look something like this:

Is it working?

So apparently this is only an option at the TOP level. I want to make a template for “docs” (items, sheets) inside that doc, which is a lot more practical than making the parent a template in my case.!

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 16.25.12|690x379

Make the template of the whole doc, then delete all the pages that you don’t need.

Also there’s no “top” and “non-top” docs in Coda — a doc is the whole thing that’s loaded into your browser tab. And the pages you see to the left are pages — just think of them as ways to group pieces of your doc visually (i.e. you have to switch between pages to view different “groups” of blocks from your doc) but it’s still one doc that works as a whole, i.e. it doesn’t matter at all in which page this or that block resides.