Adding sub-docs into a top navigation

While watching How Figma uses Coda, it appears that they have pinned sub-docs into a top navigation of the parent doc:

Is that right? And if so, how do you do it?



Hey there!
It’s important to get our wording right in these situations

Coda has a workspace where every doc lives

Docs individually then have pages, which can be nested inside other pages

What you are seeing on figmas screenshots are the top-level Pages of a single document

They are the same pages that you would see in any normal Coda doc on the left hand side bar of your screen

The only way to have those pages appear on the top is the publish your document, and keep the toggle for “show pages in top nav bar” on

And then use the published version of the document.

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Thanks for your answer. I managed to follow along.

I was hoping to do that privately but at least I understand now.

Thanks again,


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