Header displays and document navigation

I love having the option to display links to subpages at the top of a document’s ‘master page’.

However, displaying subpages on a subpage isn’t an option.

The culprit is located in ‘page options’. There isn’t an option to ‘display other subpages’ for a subpage.

But there is an option to ‘display subpages’ for a master page.

//there is a work around, but its not the same :frowning:

My suggestion is, replace the option to ‘display subpages’ on a master page with ‘display any page’ on any page, regardless of its root directory.

To better understand my suggestion, follow these steps:

  1. Open a document and create a new page. Add a subpage to this new page.
  2. Go to the newly created page (not the subpage itself but the ‘root page’) and click on ‘page options.’
  3. Toggle ‘Subpages’ to ‘On’ under ‘Headers.’
  4. You’ll notice a card at the top of the page that links to the subpage.
  5. Now, navigate to your subpage and open ‘page options’ (if it’s not already open).
  6. Here, you won’t find the option under ‘headers’ to toggle on/off ‘subpages’ because this subpage doesn’t have any subpages associated with it."