Adding rows with two different sequences

I would like to create a button to add rows to a table with one column for dates (based on user inputted start and end dates) and another column for 30min time slots during each of those dates (based on the start and end times the user selects).

As a newbie I’ve reached as far as the below. I got stuck at two points:
(A) having two sequences generated in the formula (one for the timeslots and one for the dates) and
(B) having the date sequence repeat a date for the number of time slots needed that day before the formula moves on to adding the next date in the sequence.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I got you:
Heres an explanation

Calling in @Max_Xyzor for a more optimal route though. Heres the example doc where its working!


Thank you for the amazingly fast reply and a solution that works. I just had to change the increments count offset from -2 to -1 so that it included the last 30 mins (i.e. 2:30 to 3:00 in your example).

Now on to studying it to see how it all fits together!

I assume there will be a way to hide the increments formula so it just runs hidden in the background and doesn’t list those those numbers on the page itself.

Many thanks again. Really appreciate it. I looked for a ‘solved’ button, but couldn’t find it.

For sure! Just put those canvas based formulas on a separate hidden page in your doc.

I almost always keep a hidden page full of canvas based formulas that run different parts of my workflows

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