Button to add specific content to existing table

Hello, trying to put together a employee scheduling solution in Coda. I’m sharing the document here since nothing really on it that is private in hopes to get some help.

I have a start date and end date for the month and a button that uses sequence to add each date to the table for that month. Now I want a button that can add the shift blocks to each date. The location I’m working on is the simplest as they have the same two shift blocks each day 8a - 3:30p and 3:30p - 11p. I do have a location that is open different hours during the week versus the weekend so will need a way to add shift blocks based on day of week too…

I need to make this easy for staff hence why I’m leaning toward buttons they can just click. Thinking they can copy/duplicate the schedule for the next month without the rows from the previous month easy enough.

I appreciate any/all help with my current challenge and look forward to learning something new from a fellow community member willing to help.

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I had a similar thing I wanted to do. Mine was tricky because I wanted to take a table and put it into a canvas field. My solution was to create a template table with the table in that canvas field then just grab from that table when doing my addrow. You might be able to do something like that. Where is your shift information that you’re wanting to put into the table?

Hi Susan, thank you for responding. I planned on and have the shifts at the top of the document I shared. Two of them for this location

  1. 8a - 3:30p
  2. 3:30p - 11p
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I figured it out. Always seems so easy once I figure it out and beating my head on table on why it took me so long :slight_smile:

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Well done. I feel your pain. I don’t know how many times I stump myself on something then finally figure it out and think. DUH. That was so simple.

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