Button add multiple varying rows

I’d like to create a button that adds rows - but there are some specific parameters I need

When I click the button, I want the names (Test, Example) to duplicate but the week will change to whatever week I’m currently in.

There also needs to be a filter - the names need to duplicate only when assigned to the specific project mentioned (in this case template only, I have projects with other people assigned I don’t want to duplicate). I want to make sure the duplication is only 1 week at a time.

Week Start Name Project Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Total
1/1/2023 Test Template 0
1/1/2023 Example Template 0
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Hey there!

You can definitely do what you need - buttons are extremely flexible in Coda

Unfortunately though i don’t think anyone has responded to your post yet with suggestions or answers because your ask isn’t terribly clear.

Do you mind making yourself more clear by:

  • Rephrasing the question
  • providing more context
  • providing screenshots of doc
  • providing an example document
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