Button to populate rows in a column table to another table

Help please! BRAND new to coda. Trying to puzzle out how to pull agenda topics from each of our meetings to create a running list of agendas covered/not covered. For example, I am hoping to have the button in the populate agenda topics column, add a row to the Agendas table, IF there are any rows populated in the table in the Agenda Topics column.

Help please!

Hey @Amy_stiver
sounds like a cool setup and I’m sure that is possible to achieve. Can you just give a few more words what you are trying to achieve? Or you can you possibly share it w/o sharing any private information?

On first glance, it might be that I’d recommend changing the table structure. E.g. Is every “Agenda Topics 1” “Agenda Topics 2” etc a unique table? In that case I’d recommend making one table to store all agenda topics, and using a column “agenda number” to mark which number they are in.

Then you can use a filter in table views to make sure only showing the relevant ones. And instead of the populate button making a button that changes the filter.

But for a real answer I’d need to know more about your doc/table structure :slight_smile:

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