Adding multiple rows dynamically

Hi All,

I am looking to create a button that adds multiple rows to a table based on conditions.

Please see the example below. I want one click of the button to add a unique row for each person in the “People” table and automatically fill in the previous date +3 months (quarterly updates).

In this example, the button should add 4 rows, with each person’s name and the date being 12/30/2023. When the button is clicked again, it should add 4 more rows, with each person’s name and the date being 3/30/2024.


hi @Peyton_Skill1 ,

Welcome to the community and great question, below the code you can put in your button

[Quarterly Updates].AddRow(
[Quarterly Updates].Name,CurrentValue,
[Quarterly Updates].Date,[Quarterly Updates].Date.Last().RelativeDate(3)))

Enjoy your evening, cheers, Christiaan

Thank you Christiaan!! I copied this format into my own document and was able to get the button to create one new set perfectly! However, when I tried to click the button again, it created the new rows with the same date as the previous set… any idea why this might be?

yes, I see my mistake
max() is what we need, not last()

[Quarterly Updates].AddRow(
[Quarterly Updates].Name,CurrentValue,
[Quarterly Updates].Date,[Quarterly Updates].Date.Max().RelativeDate(3)))
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You’re a hero, Christiaan. Thank you!


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