Addition of a Mind Map view

A mind map view would be awesome!


Completely agree sir


@Benoit_Mayer can you expand what you mean?

Coda currently has the Data Map pane that you can access by clicking the “link” icon near the title of your table. It will show you which tables pull data from which. Super helpful for debugging and understanding the scope/centrality of your document if you have interlocking tables

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@chris_homburger the idea is to have a view similar to what you can do with tools like It’s just another way to present hierarchical data, but very powerful during brainstorming, planning or ideation activities.


Hi team!

If you are going to build something like this - I really hope it would be something more ‘concept mapping’/‘graph data’ oriented as opposed to strictly relational. Think, thebrain & over Mindmeister.

So much of the visual sensemaking and business design work that happens day to day really is distinctly not hierarchical in nature. Currently very few tools on the market do anywhere near a decent job of supporting the work itself - leaving thousands of strategists and designers like myself manually wrangling data and qualitative insight into static print oriented graphic design tools like Illustrator/indesign. We hold most of the real modelling in our heads and then describe multifaceted views of it to various stakeholders. If Coda were to reduce friction for this I have at least few hundred product evangelists I could personally mobilize.



Nate, I completely agree with you. But the option to make hierarchy is also great.


Hi mind map enthusiast,

This is the Zenkit approach, quite interesting :hot_pepper:

For development purposes being able to see the relations it would be very helpful :bulb:

Hopeful the developers will take a look and advise if something similar will be on the roadmap.

Jean Pierre


+1 on being able to convert sketchings into live data objects.

a) Visually organizing hierarchies in Coda would be great. I do this every single day, and every single tool that I have found for this task is inadequate.

b) It would be nice to be able to work in Coda at a schema level when defining the relationships between tables, when building out the schema.

And then be able to drill into or out of live tables. Mockup:


I’d actually think this could be a cool “pack” addition. My personal preference is Coggle, but I could see how multiple platforms could be integrated through packs.


I don’t agree with the pack. In order to fully replace Google documents, using only Coda, drawing and by extension mindmapping should be an internal feature.
As a game developer, I would love a feature like this as we need sketching for narrative design and game design.



That’s a feature (or pack?) our company would like to get too when using Coda : the ability to create some mind maps.

Does Coda team has planned something about this ?

Thank you.



There is a French Company who has made a perfect view of what I’d love to see in the mind maps. Very functional! If you want to try the app out, it’s available from the Apple Store with a 14 day free trial. I love how you can see the dependencies.