Advanced coda course

Good morning, do you know any advanced online coda course ?. Thank you.

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Dear @Ximo_Escamilla, welcome to the community :handshake:

Did you check out this:

In this webinar section ( part of the above link) is a big collection

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Hey @Ximo_Escamilla, welcome!

What kind of advanced are you looking for?

A huge bulk of advanced know-how is scattered across this community. I post lots of advanced tricks and hacks myself, as this is my specialty, my bread and butter. Here’s a very NON-DEFINITIVE collection of links:

(not updated and I think I mostly copied my own posts and replies there, while there’s a lot of precious learning material by others as well)

I also hope to get started on the blog Coda Tricks somewhere soon, and post advanced learning materials there as well, all for free for everyone to benefit.


There’s a lot of us waiting with bated for your coda tricks blog from you paul :wink: !

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ok, thank you @Paul_Danyliuk

Yes, thanks, but look for a more structured course.

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If this is still relevant (or whoever finds this topic) —

Hey @Ximo_Escamilla ! I would highly recommend checking out our Coda Doctorate program which you can learn more about here and apply here.

Hope that helps :smile:

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