Agenda duplicated Events

I trying to use Coda to streamline the meetings of our team.
Like in Google Calendar the duplicate events takes a loot of space, and I like to make they desapear.

For the daily events I used a grouped list and this make the trick, but for a week scope is not Ideal.

Any ideas os how merge those events?

Hey there!

Writing on phone - so forgive the poor formatting and lack of photos.

What you could do is write some sort of “duplicate finder” formula in another column like this:

ThisTable.filter(eventName =thisRow.eventName).find(thisRow)

Then put a filter on your table that says:
[Duplicate Finder Column] = 1

That might do the trick!


Thanks, that works like a charm, I used the ICalUID propriety from google calendar as key for some events that refused to merge.
Never used duplicate validation, this is a useful tool :v:

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You got it! Duplicates are a super tricky case in Coda and there are tons of ways to handle them depending on your use case


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