Aggregating data about my organizations

This embedded doc uses ForEach() and Filter() to analyze multiple tables with relation columns. Shoutout to the Coda team for the advanced tutorial. I’m publishing this example as a thank you and for the Community.


There are 3 data tables in this example doc—Employees, Organizations, Projects.

  • Employees and Organizations are directly related to each other so we know which employees are assigned to each organization

  • Employees and Projects are directly related to each other so we know which employees are working on each project

With formulas, we can use Employees to retrieve data about Projects and aggregate that information for views of the Organizations table.

Note the use of WithName() as advised by Coda. I was able to validate the examples below also work with CurrentValue. I think WithName() is better for two reasons—1) it’s easier to read/remember the variable reference deep inside the formula 2) if you build on top of these examples and end up having an inner and outer CurrentValue, you won’t have to refactor the whole thing


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