"Agile Architect" App Design Tool (Quick Demo)

A few weeks ago I gave a short demo of my AGILE ARCHITECT tool that helps makers to design and build complex workflows in a systematic way. The tool uses the KNOWLEDGE GRAPH methodology to define both the DATA and the BEHAVOUR dimensions of the Workflow. Here is a short video…

The tool helps the maker to look at the workflow as a set of Business Objects.

For each Business Object, it asks a series of simple questions like;

  • What other objects belong to this one? (Its Children or 1-to-many links)
  • What other objects does this one belong to? (Its Parents or many-to-one links)
  • Who can create, modify and delete this object?
  • and so forth…

This builds up ‘the Matrix’ - a table that describes the Workflow properties in detail.

From this Matrix the tool generates 3 diagrams;

The Object Model - showing how all the Objects are related to each other

The Workflow Diagram - showing all the execution paths through the Workflow

An EDR (Entity Relationship Diagram) showing the complete database

Then the tool uses Coda AI to build the actual Coda Tables.

The main purpose of this tool is to help Makers work with their ‘clients’ in an effecient and puposeful way. Ask these questions - gather these details - and present the client with the full solution.

Given these diagrams, a competent maker can quickly build out the full Workflow with all the User Interface layouts, and action buttons - to quickly deliver the version v1.0 workflow.

I need makers to help me figure out how to progress this project. What things are unclear and need improving. What other capabilities they might need, etc…

So I am asking community members here to PM me if they wish to participate in this project.


:clap: I love this, @Xyzor_Max


So many things to look at, so little time… :wink:

I think I am going to see if I can use this to replace my Visio based swimlane business workflows. Visio is nice, but not connected to anything else.

I am also going to see if I can retrofit my existing 9-5 App into this so that I can get the diagrams drawn. Where can I buy? If it is for sale or rent.

Thanks! Looks great.

Loved the demo,
blown away by your ability to translate your expertise into guidance,
can’t wait to join this project!

Thanks for sharing with the community!

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i am adding you to the beta program - its not for sale (yet).
a work in progress - and your participation would be much appreciated


This is amazing! I love the way you think

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Sign me up Max! Thank you for providing empowering resources to us makers!

I just watched yout prez on meetup last week and automatically started talking to my biz partner about how cool it is. :exploding_head:

Hey @Xyzor_Max if you still need testers for this, I’d love to try it out.

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@Xyzor_Max I’d also like to test it. Let me know if you still need folks to help out!

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@Xyzor_Max Thank you for sharing this much needed resource with the community! I would love to be a part of this project!

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welcome on board.

please send me your coda email and your timezone.

i will be starting the onboarding on monday, but it may take a few days to get to you, there has been a lot of intetest in tbis project.


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Max - that is a truly incredible development. Would like to test it, if the outsidel world gives me time.

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max, kudoos from France, the part or your tool that asks the questions (the first screen) is great and would gladly make a french version of it if you allow.

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