Export Coda database structure


It’s quite common that a Coda Doc grows in complexity. More and more tables, with a good number of look-ups between them. Quite fine if you maintain order and control, but anyways it’s easy to achieve a state that is not easy to figure out all the time

When one of my documents achieves certain degree of complexity, I draw a database schema with lucidchart. There are other tools and options for that, sure, but the result is a huge step: a clear diagram which shows tables, its fields and the connections between them

Lucidchart has a importing data option. They offer a SQL request for dumping a tables structure of a database, ready for being imported into lucidchart.

I have defined a workaround for saving manual build time of the schema, but it is far from being perfect

If Coda would offer a table like lucidchart demands, or other table ready to be transformed, it would be a huge step. Suddenly we codamakers shouldn’t have to invest time in illustrating Coda tables structure.

Document map is fine, but not enough if document is enough complex