Alllow users to Add/Modify Entire Column in One Operation

Greetings, fellow Coda enthusiasts!

Feature Description

I’ve stumbled upon a fascinating use case that has sparked an exciting feature request in my mind. Picture this scenario: I have six inputs from the user, and what I really wish for is the power to add or modify an entire column effortlessly in one go. Essentially, I want to be able to fill a specific column based on this list of inputs in a single operation. It’s a small yet powerful enhancement that would make a world of difference in managing data effectively.

Current Workaround

Being the genius problem-solver that I am, I managed to come up with a temporary workaround that did the trick. Here’s what I did: I created a separate column and inserted all the values as a neat list in each row. But wait, there’s more! I had to channel my inner magician and manually split that list, filling each row based on the row ID of the current row. It worked, but boy, was it a tedious and time-consuming process, especially when dealing with more complex projects.

Feature Request:

So here is the deal: I firmly believe that Coda would reach new levels of awesomeness if it introduced a mind-blowing native feature. Picture this: users would be able to effortlessly add or modify an entire column in one go. Imagine the time saved and the frustrations avoided when we no longer have to rely on workarounds. This feature would truly revolutionize the way we manage data within Coda, skyrocketing our efficiency to remarkable heights.

Suggested Solution

The proposed feature would enable users to provide a list of values and automagically populate the target column with those values in a single operation. This would greatly streamline tasks that involve bulk updates or initial column population, saving users valuable time and effort.

Importance and Benefits

Introducing this feature would be a game-changer for Coda users, providing them with a seamless and robust data manipulation capability. It would elevate the overall user experience to new heights, enabling faster and more efficient workflows. We, as users, would wholeheartedly appreciate the convenience and productivity gains that this feature would bring to our Coda journey.

Thank you for considering my feature request. I eagerly look forward to witnessing the evolution and continuous improvement of Coda in the near future.

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Edit: If running two for loops in parallel is available, that would solve this feature by running one loop on the rows and another on the input values list, something like zip in python. But, it seems two parallel for loop is not available at the current momentum.

Hi @Mahmoud :blush: !

Completely out of curiosity: Why did you choose that data structure (weeks as columns and measurements as rows) :innocent: ?

I mean, wouldn’t it be easier the other way around :smiling_face: ?

Sup @Pch :wave: !

You’ve hit the nail on the head with that question :hammer:! Let me break it down for ya :smiley: . I’m really excited about using the remarkable capabilities of Coda AI to create something truly impressive: a weekly/montly progress report tailored for each row. This means that each muscle group’s numbers will be analyzed by the AI, giving me valuable insights by mentioning each column with @. If they were rows, instead, the current state of Coda AI wouldn’t be able to read and analyse these numbers. Know what I am sayin’?

Hope this clarifies the situation. Anyhow, let’s keep building :building_construction:

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity @Mahmoud :blush: !

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Anytime, @Pch! Happy to help :love_letter:

FWIW you can totally reference anything in your AI prompts — you can press = in a prompt and enter any formula that would read from any table.

As the CEO of Coda Best Practices® I’d advise to foremostly build a solid data model and design tables properly, and then adapt all the rest. Otherwise you’ll just struggle further down the line.


Hold up :eyes: ! Is there any way we can reference all values in a specific column, all rows within that column, within the prompt? If there is, could you please inform us on how to do so? I genuinely believe this approach is fine/best and the most logical solution we can come up with. It would be absolutely wonderful to hear your insightful thoughts as the CEO of Coda Best Practices® regarding this matter :raised_hands: .
If we were to flip things around as @Pch mentioned, we wouldn’t be able to construct this prompt. So, for now, this design looks fine.

Edit: I have just learned that you can enter a formula in the prompt. Thanks, @Paul_Danyliuk!
A tip from the help page:

  • :bulb:Tip: You can @ reference specific pages or tables in your doc by typing @ into the prompt bar, or clicking the @ button . You can also write = to open the formula builder.